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Jennifer creates one of a kind pieces of art. Wearable art, art for your home and art for special occasions. Her goal in whatever she creates, is to use at the least 80% recycled materials. Whether it be fabric for a costume or vintage jewelry parts for a new necklace, you can be sure her art is eco-friendly. She also offers custom design as well.

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Underwater Fantasy Shoot:
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Art photography is very different from regular portraiture. Jennifer, in essence, "paints" with real life images. Creating a sense of wonder and excitement. It has been said that her images touch the heart of those that need to see a little magic and wonder. Browse though her galley and be inspired. You can also view her original designed costumes and clothing here as well.  


Recently Jennifer worked with a local underwater photographer Maegan Hall Photography for an underwater, art photography collaboration based on the 12 astrological signs. Maegan approached Jennifer about designing and making the 12 costumes for the signs. The underwater shoot took place in August 2018. These images can be found on Maegan's website as well as Jennifer's blog. Jennifer has written more about her process of designing and making these costumes. She has provided some behind the scenes looks at her process and the challenges she faced in designing costumes for underwater. You can read her post here, Underwater Fantasy: Astrological Signs

Jennifer started out as an interior designer in the metro-Atlanta area. She then moved into photography and then into costume design. Later she merged it all together to create her unique sense of style and design. She designs original costumes and costume accessories, art jewelry, mixed media art for the home or office and more.


Welcome to Jennifer Griffin Studios.  Where dreams and visions come to life.

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